about the beauty of supporting the arts

let´s messure the arts in coins

coins of worthed moments, weird shapes and figures, value of good vibrations, kissed humans with the holy spirit

now let´s put these coins into a box, we fill it up until the moment we can´t handle it anymore and then throw it away for trying again to fill the box in a way we can carry it to put it where we want it to be_

_______How is this process of filling a box of coins connected to supporting the arts?

Without the supporters there wouldn´t be a box to fill for carrying. There would still be the coins, but no box to gather them. So no vehicle to put the coins where poeple want them to be.

Does that make sense?                                                    

                                                           for some people yes for some it doesn´t

Supporting the arts is an instrument of control, power and ….

There is no reason to support the arts unless you do it. If you create the box the reason will show up like a magic ball out of a dreamers mind. Stay open to life and receiving the coins. If you carry the box, there will always be a coin that might like to feel cosy in there.