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Fragen an Momoko Johansson

Momoko Johansson is an artist that works with different materials, being educated as a fashion designer, works of her include “paper dresses” as well as masks, but also video and music.

Where did you live and work till now?

About a years and a half ago I moved to France from Japan where I come from. Before that my base was in Yokohama.  

How connected is your privat life to your life as an artist?

Especially for writing a song and a poem, a private part of my life is a big inspiration to my work. 

How political is your art?

My art has nothing to do with politics. I personally care a lot about politic and I respect an art work that has a political message. Just not for me.

When did you start to do your art? Did you start as a child and never lost it? Or did you find it later in your life? 

I can’t remember it by myself. My mum said I was an easy kid because I always played alone and into my own world really long time, focusing on drawing for example. My real memory of first creation was making a small purse for putting pens to bring to school. Around  the age of 10-12 I made a strange face of girl on it with  felted fabrics.

How do you support yourself through life changes? What makes you going forward in life and facing new territory?

Simply, I love a change. I never thought that going through a life change is challenging so much.

For example, since I was 19 I never lived at the same place more than one year and a half… so basically I moved from place to place every year. I think I waste so much money for moving the apartments… but I can’t stand staying at the same place. 

Do you like to read? If so, what kind of books?

 Yes, I love reading. I read novels in general but I respect all kind of writing media except self-help books. My favourite writer is Tove Jansson who wrote “Mumintroll”.

Do you have more male or female artist friends?

I have male artists more, it´s because of my first career place. 

My very first studio was in Yokohama. There were many studios around my place and other artists were mostly guys. There were girls too but a few.

Thank you for taking time and giving a little bit of an inside view!

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