Journey of life

_ what a big theme to add to this blog. What to tell about? What to put out there about it?

It´s a choice. It´s a limitless freedom to take. It´s more than what we can think of. It´s now. It´s where you are. It´s an endless mystery, that want´s to reveal itself through you every single moment of you breathing in and out.

Does this sound too big? Too much to handle? Too free to take it in?

Don´t worry. There is nothing that matters more than just listening. Listen to what comes to you in a moment of silence and joy. No matter what you were up to, what you were suppose to choose the day before, the hour before, now is the moment to sit down and let the spirit of your life go through you. Relax and see where it is going to lead you to.

All gonna be fine. All gonna be spread through you if you allow yourself to open up to what ever you are hearing – seeing – feeling- spread wings, so to say.

Breath in breath out as you think over it _ nothing else to do, nothing else to find now. Just your breath taking all in/into your cells and heart.

Enjoy trying, all the love _

                                                                              ___________ see, read, hear you later  <3