female rising

its been a while since women fought for their right to vote in europe_

it hurts me physically when women are treated as superior or inferior_

it hurts me mentally when women tear down women because they dare to be different, strong, energetically sexual free (spreading their energy) and/or beautiful_

we are not superior or inferior_ we are not

we are rather chained /nor/ flying off the ground_ we are the ground

we are weather ….

ok. now to start over again_

believe and disbelieve_ in what?

in a new way of feminin_ that has not been existed before

for woman and man_ with equity, not necessarily equality

watch for your thoughts, watch what you focus on, watch _

what you focus on you become

its time to let female spirit rise_ give space for that part in you, let it grow and built a new queendom for the sake of ….